Monday, June 1

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Alien Invasion?

Alien Invasion?

Relax; it’s not an alien invasion.  What’s your first thought when you look at the image?  Many see an alien hiding in a human’s body; others see an alien removing skin.  I see neither. I see what many of us are going through every day. We are living a life that is totally different from the one we envisage ourselves in.  We show one side of ourselves to the world, the persona we created and perfected just so we can fit in with everyone else, not knowing it is okay to be different, be an alien.  We eventually become a person that we don’t even recognize when we look in the mirror. We get mentally, physically, and emotionally distorted, confused, and uncomfortable. It’s sad because it is true; many people not only in Jamaica, but across the world are forced to hide in plain sight or chan...