Saturday, June 6

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Balance 9-5 with Small Business

Balance 9-5 with Small Business

How do you balance being a small business owner, entrepreneur and working a 9-5? Let's face it, there are easier things to do in life than starting and maintaining a business. Some may ask why bother if it is that hard. Another question popularly asked is why not quit your day job and focus full-time on building and maintaining your business. The truth is: Entrepreneurship costs money On average, start-ups costs $3000 USD (give or take) to get the business off the ground, with owners paying for: Website costs between $750 & $1500Business Cards costs between $10 & $50Marketing & Design $250-$300Stock & Inventory $1000 Do you have that amount of money lying down somewhere? You see, if you are unable to pull that amount of money from your hat, you can ...