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What to do if Covid-19 took your job
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What to do if Covid-19 took your job

I’ve not been on this earth long enough to compare the severity of world events but based on the views of others; this truly is the worst the world’s economy has been in. Covid-19 has ruined lives by stealing joy, money, and lives; many personal and business lives have been severely impacted not just in Jamaica but across the globe.On the other hand, Covid 19 has showed us what should be important in our lives; realizing that the things that truly matter we have been taking for granted just for the sake of earning a buck to spend it on bills. The question that many are asking now is “What should I do now that Covid-19 took my job?” Thankfully, I have a few suggestions below: Enjoy the moments with your family - Many despise the Kardashian family for reasons that are unknown to me. Y...