Thursday, June 4

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Maintaining Viewership

Maintaining Viewership

In the previous article, Attracting Audience to your blog, we discussed ways in which we can attract viewers to our blog without spending a dime. We discussed quality over quantity, using hashtags, being social on social media, not overthinking, promoting yourself, and being what you hope to attract.  In this article, we will discuss how to maintain viewers. Admit it, promoting your blog is one long, stressful task, but let’s be real it is the easiest part. Maintaining audience engagement must be the hardest part in my opinion, it entails you keeping the audience on their toes, or keep their mouths watering which requires you to stay busy.  The google dictionary defines the word maintain as cause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue which in essence means to keep someth...

Small steps leads to big results

Big changes start with small steps We often time forget that no one achieves success overnight; whether we realize or not, each decision we make is leading up to the big thing, success. Consider Maya, a young woman who is trying to lose weight throughout the course of the year. Maya attends the gym and does cardio for 45 minutes 5 days each week. Combined with working out, she has a strict yet nutritious and balanced diet that is designed to make her feel fuller longer. With her consistency and dedication, Maya loses 50 pounds in 2019. Maya, in the scenario stated above took the necessary steps in order to achieve her ultimate goal. From taking the first step to sign up for the gym then buying the healthy ingredients she did it! Now, it's our time. Forget about ge...