Tuesday, July 7

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Relationship Cycle

Have you ever realized the cycle of a relationship? Wait, did you even realize that relationships are a cycle? It's funny isn’t it? You meet someone, you’re scared of opening yourself him to him/her; you finally tear down your walls and allow that person in. Your trust and confidence grow and even though you doubt yourself, you decide to go against your instinct and show full-blown love to your partner. You’ve been through the late night calls, the early morning messages; you’ve lost hours of sleep just to talk to the significant other. The willingness to drop any and everything you are doing to be by their side. The time spent telling jokes, laughing, eating, and meeting friends and family. It may not be obvious the first few times but things begin to change, we received si...
Understanding yourself

Understanding yourself

“If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow – you are not understanding yourself.”  – Bruce Lee Many persons are at a conclusion that they know and understand themselves, but would you agree?  Every day is a learning experience, every day you learn something about yourself even when you aren’t aware.  There is no test you can take that will let you fully understand yourself within the day.  What you can do however, is take every situation thrown at you and choose one thing that you can imitate or discard of as it relates to your personality.  What do I mean?  Well let’s examine some scenarios. Relationships Intimate Look at your significant other and state five things you love about ...