Monday, July 13

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Murder not Police Brutality

Murder not Police Brutality

Murder not police brutality! Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, the ENTIRE internet has been bombarded by the recent murder of George Floyd. In the video, you can hear Floyd saying weakly, “I can’t breathe”, “They gon’ kill me” while the police officer, Derek Chauvin rested his knee and the full force of his body weight on Floyd’s neck. I was purposely putting off writing this article because I didn’t want to watch the video; I didn’t want to see what was going on in this world. But in efforts to stand against the crime and violence against black people, it is vital that I put my feelings aside and muster up the courage to show my support for #blacklivesmatter. I am a BLACK woman; I am a Jamaican woman. I am a black woman in business carrying a lot of baggage with me. Growing ...

Creatives as Entrepreneurs

@Blackgirlcandidly_ When discussing entrepreneurship, artists and creatives are not typically a part of the conversation. But as more creatives begin to take their careers into their own hands, it becomes clear that character traits typically associated with entrepreneurs can be found in artists as well. Life as an artist and entrepreneur can be synonymous, just meet Khrystal. From founding Khorage Magazine and acting as the editor-in-chief, to managing herself as an independent artist, rapper, actress, and mother Khrystal “with a KH” embodies exactly what it means to be an entrepreneur in the creative space. Her ability to apply skills she obtained while running a tangible business to managing herself as a recording artist demonstrates that what it means to be an entrepreneu...