Monday, August 3

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D’orandae | Building Wealth

Building Wealth What better topic to speak about since this is the pay week for most of us?Wealth is something we all want to have but yet no one is looking for ways to build it. It is not just about having money and saving money, oh no Courtanae it involves so much more than that.It sounds corny and not to mention expensive but today as a special treat for you, I want to share some information about this topic.Building wealth just like most things in life (ahem…...losing weight) is easier said than done. It is literally easy as 1,2,3.#1. Make that mula - Hey! Come on, you got to be earning something to before you can start saving or investing right? Even if you are making $7500JMD /$75USD per week, is it possible for you to save $1000JMD/ $10USD?#2. Save dat money - “It doesn’t matter ho...