Writer’s Block

At first, hearing the name, Writer’s Block, seemed superficial to me but after doing research, I found it to be non-fictional. There are times when I have writer’s block, meaning I find it difficult to produce new articles.  I may have started writing an article and half way through I am completely at a loss

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The Cycle of a Relationship

  Have you ever realized the cycle of a relationship? Wait, did you even realize that relationships are a cycle? Its funny isn’t it? You meet someone, you’re scared of opening yourself him to him/her; you finally tear down your walls and allow that person. Your trust and confidence grow and even though you doubt

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Quote of the week

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr                  

Your way of thinking

It doesn’t matter how strong you are both inside and out, nor should it matter that you’ve dealt with it. It doesn’t give anybody any reason to hurt you. Sometimes, we damage ourselves by the way we think; our thoughts, the memories we keep re-playing in our heads with hopes that the outcome will change

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Welcome to my Journey

As of August 17, 2018, I am 1000% committed to changing my life; I am in total control of my future and I need to start working to see results rather than sitting down and expect results to come to me. What are some changes I want in my life? What are some of my

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