I had an experience last week I just have to share with you. I was talking to someone for the past three weeks; every night we would spend hours talking about any and every thing.

Last week, I noticed a change in the behaviour and when I enquired about it, even though the response wasn’t rude I felt a painful feeling rising within me. Really, it is something I can’t explain to the T but it hurts very badly.

The pain lingered in my mind for days and of course, I started to wonder what I did, or what I said wrong; in the midst of all this, I am recalling all that was said about improving our communication skills.

On Saturday, I decided that it doesn’t matter what a person say they can change how they feel in a heartbeat.

Then I wondered about the same scenario when it comes on to business, let’s say we have a supplier and we are constantly discussing deals and opportunities, is it safe to say that we can go by their word?

No wonder, there are so many laws regarding business; can i even express how important it is for us as business people to keep our receipts? I know that in my culture, we love to use the terms ‘links’ which hereby means we love taking the shortcut even on important matters.

How can we keep our receipts even when we are taking the short road?

Hmmm well, let’s see:

  • Screenshot -Let’s say we are discussing via Whatsapp with our carpenter that we need a cupboard to be built and installed in our kitchen within four (4) months. You pay half of his fee before the work is done and you both agree to pay the other half after the work is done. When the four months pass, you did not receive what you requested, what do you do? The discussion you both had on Whatsapp is a verbal and written contract that can be admissible in Court (if necessary)
  • Voicenote – A recorded message we send to the other party in the conversation when we are too lazy to write it out.

Yes, even these can go under the ‘receipts’ list. Why? Well simply put, it is a verbal contract between you and the person you are doing business with.

What am i saying exactly? It doesn’t matter who the person is to you when conducting business please always have your receipts; anyone can change their mind at any time.

Until next week, let’s remember this simple but important note. Have a productive week!


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