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Creatives as Entrepreneurs

When discussing entrepreneurship, artists and creatives are not typically a part of the conversation. But as more creatives begin to take their careers into their own hands, it becomes clear that character traits typically associated with entrepreneurs can be found in artists as well. Life as an artist and entrepreneur can be synonymous, just meet

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Opportunity for growth?

I am considered to be an alpha female so most times people automatically assume that my fierceness outside is reflected inside as well. The truth is, everyone deserves to be checked upon.  What inspired me to write this? Today, one of my colleagues told me that my supervisor openly stated to a manager in earshot of

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You are stronger than you thought

The strongest animals in the world according to Mysterious World are: Grizzly Bear Eagle Anaconda Ox Tiger Gorilla African Bush Elephant Leafcutter Ant Rhinoceros beetles Dung Beetle Which one do YOU think is the strongest animal?  I’m going to give you the chance to think about it. If you guessed the Dung Beetle you are

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Read this before you quit

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for” I have been wondering what I’m doing with my life and what my next step will be ever since 2018 started. The crazy thing is that even though I know what I want and how to get there, sometimes I feel like I’m not

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D’orandae | Building Wealth

Building Wealth What better topic to speak about since this is the pay week for most of us? Wealth is something we all want to have but yet no one is looking for ways to build it. It is not just about having money and saving money, oh no Courtanae it involves so much more

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D’orandae | Your business is failing because…

Hey my beautiful reader, This week, we are NOT throwing shade but we will be speaking the truth on a matter we have either encountered or fear… FAILURE! Raise your hand if you know someone who has started a business and have stopped. This is nothing to be ashamed of even if you are that

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Alien Invasion?

Relax; it’s not an alien invasion.  What’s your first thought when you look at the image?  Many see an alien hiding in a human’s body; others see an alien removing skin.  I see neither. I see what many of us are going through every day. We are living a life that is totally different from

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Relationship Cycle

Have you ever realized the cycle of a relationship? Wait, did you even realize that relationships are a cycle? It’s funny isn’t it? You meet someone, you’re scared of opening yourself him to him/her; you finally tear down your walls and allow that person in. Your trust and confidence grow and even though you doubt

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