About the CEO

Courtanae Heslop is a determined and passionate young woman from Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is an intelligent twenty one year old black woman who takes pleasure in educating and motivating people on reaching and achieving their goals just as she has done and is doing.

She is a woman with a very strong personality and displays traits of a real alpha female. She is a leader, never a follower. Her determination is one in which many have adopted, she ensures that whatever she sets her mind to (bad or good) she does and no one is ever able to stop her.

She is a certified English teacher (TEFL), motivational speaker, web designer, investor, author/writer, founder, and owner of D’orandae, who is now considering obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management or Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Management. She has experience in teaching students for more than five (5) years and counting. She writes based on how she feels and tries to do her very best because she believes her work is not done unless she has done her best. She is good at developing and implementing strategies that will assist in making a project work which is one reason why she is the Director of D’orandae.

She believes in the traditional family unit and of marriage hence why her family is the backbone of her achievements and mindset. She leaves a mark anywhere she goes, if not by her mindset, it’s her speech which is something some people find interesting while others find intimidating. She focuses her life and her work around her God, Jehovah, and does her best to ensure that anything she gets herself involved in is approved by Jehovah and loved by her.

You may reach out to Courtanae Heslop by using the following email address:

Email: courtanaeheslop@gmail.com