Monday, August 3

D’orandae | Your business is failing because…

Hey my beautiful reader,

This week, we are NOT throwing shade but we will be speaking the truth on a matter we have either encountered or fear… FAILURE!

Raise your hand if you know someone who has started a business and have stopped.

This is nothing to be ashamed of even if you are that person.

Have you ever wondered though, why your business is failing? Be honest with yourself now.

We always try to blame the most obvious answers such as: (and correct me if I am wrong)

  • There isn’t enough time
  • I don’t have enough money
  • Someone is already doing that
  • No one is buying my product
  • Am I on the right track?

What if I told you that I had a secret to tell you that would change everything. Are you for this?

The reason your business is failing is because of no one or nothing except YOU!

I’m going to be brutally honest with you, only because I want to see you succeed with this business venture. You are failing because:

  1. You are not motivated by anything
  2. You let external forces control you
  3. You do not care enough
  4. You don’t keep your environment tidy
  5. You give into temptation
  6. You are easily distracted
  7. You listen to anyone with an opinion
  8. You don’t use criticism; you let it use you
  9. You haven’t face a dominating fear
  10. You keep watching the competition

Yeah, oooof right?! WRONG!

My aim is not to bring you down, but to build you up so you can be the strongest entrepreneur the world as ever seen. I refuse to leave you in the dust just like that.  I want to share 10 skills that you can develop (which will be easier said than done)  but WILL payoff in the long run.


  1. Learn to speak up
  2. Build and display confidence
  3. Listen wisely
  4. Manage your time
  5. Quit complaining, start doing
  6. Be honest to yourself about yourself
  7. Don’t try to multitask
  8. Remain consistent
  9. Get your required amount of sleep
  10. Be kind and empathetic

Are you willing to apply these suggestions? Hit “Reply” and let’s chat.

Oh Wait! Before I forget!

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You are one of the most priceless assets we have; as D’orandae continues to grow, we intend to keep you in the loop and bring you up with us.


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