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Attracting Audience to your blog

Although I must agree that paid marketing is a good investment, there are many cheaper alternatives to attract visitors to your blog. What type of visitors depend solely on you, so is maintaining the interaction.  Regardless, how do you go by attracting visitors to your blog without paying $300-$900 every month?

You are what you attract – Many of us have a particular audience in mind when we write, after all we are marketing ourselves to the world. What type of person do you want to know about you?  If you like to write about children, then your words will suggest just that when others like you are searching for articles to read pertaining to kids, your article might pop up, thus attracting persons to your blog.

Hashtags – A friend of mine introduced me to hashtags months ago, I had always despised them because it made my posts look tacky. Little did I know I was slowly but surely promoting my content to persons who are just as passionate.  For example, a travel blogger would do well in using #travel whenever he posts a video, article, or photo.  That way people who are interested in travelling will see his/her content regarding such.  Millions of people travel by social media so by doing this you are attracting viewers for #free.

Quality over Quantity– Just like friends, you want to keep it real rather than plenty, same is true with the content on your blog. A short sentence such as “The best things in life may not be expensive but they cost a lot” is short, to the point and meaningful and a thought that people will remember throughout the day rather than a long, drawn out article. This is not to discourage you from writing articles, but the point is to keep your content at the high level it is currently at, remove sentences or words that are meaningless and replace them with valuable information that people are most likely to remember.

Don’t over think it– Have you ever heard the saying, “Write drunk, edit sober?” Many writers over think their articles which either leads to them not publishing it or gaining little to no reviews.  The point is to write what is at the tip of your tongue, anything that comes to mind, jot it down somewhere, add substance, and then add seasoning.  If you spelt a word incorrectly, don’t let it slow you down or stop you continue writing whatever is on your brain.  After you have completed the article you may now go ahead and edit, if possible ask a fellow writer to assist you in editing or proof reading. 

You are your best advertisement- Let people know what you are working on; let them know your dreams and aspirations as well as the steps you are planning to take to achieve this goal. You never know who else might be listening.

Being social on social media – This has been a resourceful tool for me; I shared my thoughts on other blogs which lead to viewers on that blog to check out mine. The trick was not just to write “Good Job!” or “Great work, keep it up!” It was really commending a post, telling exactly what I appreciated. I found that by expressing my heartfelt appreciation for that post really captivated interest from other viewers which led to an online and offline professional encounter.

In conclusion, by being true to yourself and writing about your desire without overthinking it, using hashtags as well as posting meaningful comments you are attracting visitors to your page without spending a penny. Let’s see how we can maintain viewers in the next article.



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