Monday, August 3

A lesson in growth

Last week, I was on the low-low mentally because I had no sense of direction; I was confused because someone who I loved very much returned into my life but I didn’t want to give up my progress for him. Not to spill out much of my personal life, but that one incident really opened my eyes to a whole new life, some may call it reality.  In the midst of all of this, I noticed one thing in particular that a lot of persons don’t seem to give much attention.

Growing up, I’ve always heard people saying that you go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, retire, and then die.  Now that I am currently in the working part of my life, I refuse to be a part of this rat race. There is just no way my life is ‘destined’ to be so dull and boring and with no sense of purpose. What do you think? Is that all there is to your life?

I’ve grown so detached from the norm in my department that I am considered a ‘loner’ but the truth is, I refuse to get comfortable.  You see, once I get comfortable, I don’t grow, and I get stuck in a routine because hey, that’s what everyone else is doing.  I get complacent and I don’t feel the urge or reason to go further than where I am now. I know that a few months from now, I won’t feel the same way, so what truly is the point of me getting comfortable?

My mindset is so different from the average person, some dream to be good employees or a great boss, but I dream to own the company.  Some dream to have enough money to take care of expenses, but I dream of owning the bank. The fact that I acknowledge my dream I am willing to put steps in place to reach those goals, even if it means walking on my own or sitting on my own.  I need to reach these goals and chilling with people who are comfortable will not contribute to my success.

Now that I have given you a small background and a vision of what I want the question is now posed to you.  What is it that you want?  What are your dreams and aspirations and how do you plan on reaching those goals?

Whatever your goals is, at the end of the day, not everyone can be a CEO, Manager or Line Staff, everyone is needed in every position in a company so please don’t be discouraged.

I trust you have a prosperous day filled with nothing but joy and happiness.  I hope you remember what you are working for and why you are working towards that goal and what it will take to reach that level of success. Never get comfortable in the space you are in, you won’t grow!


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