Monday, July 13

Small steps leads to big results

Big changes start with small steps

We often time forget that no one achieves success overnight; whether we realize or not, each decision we make is leading up to the big thing, success.

Consider Maya, a young woman who is trying to lose weight throughout the course of the year. Maya attends the gym and does cardio for 45 minutes 5 days each week. Combined with working out, she has a strict yet nutritious and balanced diet that is designed to make her feel fuller longer. With her consistency and dedication, Maya loses 50 pounds in 2019.

Maya, in the scenario stated above took the necessary steps in order to achieve her ultimate goal. From taking the first step to sign up for the gym then buying the healthy ingredients she did it!

Now, it’s our time. Forget about getting it done quickly and take the first step.

Without taking that initial leap, dreams remain just that. Even a single step in the direction you are heading leaves a lasting impression on interested ones and not to mention it gives you the drive to continue.

Giant leaps are great but there is power in small steps

Earlier this year, I realized that I was very uncomfortable with my situation, as the months went by, the feeling kept tugging at me even more to the point where I started to put things in place to get out. I knew for a fact that I could not be in this situation next year. My determination lead me to do something I was scared of uploading a video of myself! Yikes!

When I tell you I had on no makeup, no protective style not even washed my face and I recorded, uploaded and PROMOTED this video on my business Instagram page. I really took a leap and dived in. Take a look:

That desire to not be in the same situation next year lead me to step out of my comfort zone starting with a single step. My advice to those who are contemplating journeying on the road to greatness?

  1. Do it NOW – Woah, I am definitely not telling you to go tell your boss you are going home today (even though I know you would love to) . Ask yourself, “What would I like to accomplish?” and do one thing towards that goal.
  2. Give yourself a due date – No, I am not taking you back to school but this is an assignment. This time, the project is YOU! You may encounter setbacks but the deadline stands,no matter what.
  3. Stick to your schedule – Remember I said in the point above that the deadline stands, no matter what? Awesome! Since, we both agree on this point, how can we stick to our schedule? Simply put, we may need to sacrifice time from our busy lives,maybe during your lunch time, television time or good old fashioned sleep.
  4. Follow the plan – This may require us to team up with someone who shares the same sentiment. Not only that, you may need a dependable partner, (life coach anyone?) that is willing to keep you on track. Whatever you decide – drastic or not – you need to follow the plan at all costs.
  5. Believe in yourself – Fear, obstacles and success are all a part of the journey. They are like a combo deal. Don’t get too caught up in the fears or obstacles you become paralyzed or worst, stop believing in yourself. Rest assured that once you have a dream and put measures in place to achieve them, the only person that can allow you to fail is YOU!

You will never get where you need to be by standing still; small steps leads to huge results.


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