Monday, July 13

Opportunity for growth?

I am considered to be an alpha female so most times people automatically assume that my fierceness outside is reflected inside as well. The truth is, everyone deserves to be checked upon. 

What inspired me to write this?

Today, one of my colleagues told me that my supervisor openly stated to a manager in earshot of other colleagues that she is trying to get rid of me. I was shocked, not because of what she said because and if I am honest, I expected it but she must have said it loud enough for someone to hear and return the news to me.

A million things ran through my head as even though I need to be out of that place, I have only begun my process of working on two major goals. In the midst of all of these thoughts, I was able to stop and think about it seriously for a minute, without passion and prejudice.

One of the colleagues told me that maybe I need to look into myself, which is not a wrong suggestion. But what does that say about the other person? What does it say about you when you can change a person’s entire mood? What does your reaction say about you?

As human beings, most times our instinct tells us that we should flare up and be disrespectful in situations like this but I must admit that I have been learning so much about how my reaction only reflects who I am not the other person. A few years from now when we look back, we will recognize why we needed to go through that situation because maybe if you hadn’t, you would still be in the same place: mentally, spiritually, physically and financially. Maybe it was the force you needed to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Along with this, I like to think that these types of situations are not only the answers to my prayers but a wake-up call that I need to keep my eye on the ball.

What can this experience mean for you and me?

Maybe you have been through this situation or maybe it lies in your future but there are ways around this that we can consider:

  1. Mind over matter: This simply means that we need to develop the will power to overcome physical conditions. With that being said, I pose this question to you. If you were to get in a brawl with your superiors right now, allowing them to see how harsh you can get, do you think that would bring you one step closer to your goals? Or would you need to swallow your pride, smile and wave and kickass until you have completed your goals?
  2. Be Professional: No matter what happens in an unprofessional environment, the onus is on you to keep yourself intact at all times. My personal experience has shown me that though it is hard and pretty much slowly diminishing, professionalism does not always have to be a two-way street. The situation can be as terrible as the fact that your direct management may not be professional, but it doesn’t mean that you should behave in the same manner. Remember, we are only responsible for ourselves while at work; your behavior is only a reflection of yourself.
  3. Change your perspective: Remember how I told you that my colleague told me that maybe I needed to look within myself? Well, I must agree with it 100% and explain why. Along with the first two reasons stated previously, the fact is simple. We need to look within ourselves. I must be the first person to acknowledge that this is one event where the term, easier said than done is appropriate. We are engaged in scenarios like this simply because we need to take a moment and evaluate who we are as an individual not just an employee and seek ways in which we can grow through these learning curves.

Though we may be taunted by difficult situations that questions our character, sometimes we need to stop in the middle of the chaos and evaluate ourselves. Employing the tips provided above, I am sure we can conquer all we need to while showing the world that we are stronger than they thought.


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