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Meet Autumn

Autumn is a creative entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in business, creativity, and design.

She loves designing, writing and blogging as well as encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs and enjoy flexibility in their lives.

Being an entrepreneur takes time, determination, patience, creative thinking as well as being able to push boundaries where others may not have been. As an entrepreneur, you will learn, make mistakes, fall many times and learn some more along the path of success.

Creativity is not only a passion of hers but a way of life both in business and private. The rules of creativity are to be bent and redefined into something innovative and dynamic. Not everyone has the stamina or mindset to be strong and not give up.

She has learned many things from her entrepreneurial journey over the last few years as well as passed on her skills and knowledge to other startups and creative’s. It may take years for you to understand the world of business, but giving it all you have because of a passion is the flame that never goes out.

She encourages new startups and entrepreneurs by supporting their needs and find out what drives them to be their own boss. They may have lost their direction in work or are looking for a new career path. Many people turn to be an entrepreneur because of a personal decision, including a breakdown of work relationships or job redundancy. Finding a solution to their problem is where my business mentoring and guidance comes in.

She connected with D’orandae through our WordPress blogs as reading new articles is a great way to learn new skills and inspire each other. She particularly likes the “Top 30 Boss Women Quotes” as it signifies that support that women in business should give each other. Positive quotes are really important in keeping your mind and body healthy – they lift you up when you are feeling down and all 30 quotes make you feel you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

She has learned many skills to mention from being an entrepreneur, however being resilient and determined are two of my main positives. Even when you are having a tough time, picking yourself up and starting again is the key to moving forward in your business.

Learning to rest, not quit will allow you to regain balance and mindset. Focusing on your business is far more satisfying than being distracted by competitors, although many new startups do find it tricky at first.

Her “Top 10 Tips to Starting Your Own Business” Blog encourages readers into thinking about what they need to do to launch their own business. Her first tip is “do your research and read books and articles about business”. This is important as it allows the brain to digest information to get you interested in a specific area or industry.

“Building a Business Brand” Blog highlights the importance of how your business is portrayed both online and offline.“Building a business takes time, planning and work. It is about positive actions in solving consumer problems and the brand needs to be in the mind of the public to build trust.” Many startups forget that they are the backbone of the business and the views from the community are vital.

Self-development is important when running your own business. Many startups have financial restraints so budgets are quite difficult. Her blog “5 Ways to Improve Your Life on a Budget” encourages taking positive action in self-improvement. Her final tip on that blog is “watching self-improvement films, documentaries and videos can give you insightful knowledge and food for thought. TED Talks has 100’s of speaker videos to widen your brain”.

Her services include interior designs and accessories which are available from my online shop, blogging and writing freelance for clients and mentoring new businesses and startups.

Some of her recent work can be seen below as well as my website and social media links.


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