Month: November 2019

How to Be a Strong Business Woman

Starting your own business is not for the faint-hearted, whether you are male or female as any new startup will only learn by their mistakes. A new business or project starts with an idea that seeds from a business plan into a fully grown enterprise. However, these things do not happen overnight.  Launching a new

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The Most Important Things I Learned About Myself, I Learned Through Freelancing

I never expected to become a freelance writer. Yet, 14 years, an MSc, two kids, and a failed marriage later, here I am. I have built a successful freelance writing business that has allowed me to have the freedom to structure my work schedule the way I want, work from where I want, and be

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Balance 9-5 with Small Business

How do you balance being a small business owner, entrepreneur and working a 9-5? Let’s face it, there are easier things to do in life than starting and maintaining a business. Some may ask why bother if it is that hard. Another question popularly asked is why not quit your day job and focus full-time

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What to Do After You’ve Been Involuntarily Separated From Your Job?

As awesome as it is to have a good job, there might come a day when they don’t see the reason to keep you around anymore. You may be laid off, your position may be made redundant or you may be terminated for any and every reason. Whatever the case is, you have been involuntarily

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Creatives as Entrepreneurs

When discussing entrepreneurship, artists and creatives are not typically a part of the conversation. But as more creatives begin to take their careers into their own hands, it becomes clear that character traits typically associated with entrepreneurs can be found in artists as well. Life as an artist and entrepreneur can be synonymous, just meet

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