6 Signs your boss is trying to fire you

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Through the grapevine recently, I learned that my supervisor was trying to get rid of me. At first, it got to me to the point where my blood pressure went sky high but two weeks later, I got my over it and decided to put that energy into getting my house in order and then leave.

I had no idea that my supervisor would blatantly discuss such a topic on the production floor like that, regardless, I made it my duty to not only ignore her but keep my eye on the ball at all times. After this experience, I realized that it was a wake-up call to work even harder on my building my company so that if I do get terminated, I wouldn’t fall so hard on the ground.

The reality that this might happen has shaken me so much as I have never been in this position in my life and I am trying to work hard to never have to be in this position again. Until I had this experience, I didn’t even know that there were ways you could tell that your boss is trying to get rid of you. After considering these tips, I noticed that some of these things were happening to me.

If you think your boss is trying to get rid of you consider the following tips. Here are twenty signs your boss may be trying to get you out the door.

  1. Micromanagement
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Any good boss would understand that micromanaging any employee is a complete waste of time. Not only does it destroy trust between employees or annoy employees, but it can also increase employee turnover rate and aid in management losing sight of the bigger picture. If you suddenly realize that you are being micromanaged then it may be one sign that your boss is trying to get rid of you. It may also mean that you are next in line for a huge promotion or salary increase but if you didn’t request any of these be vigilant.

2. Coworkers change of attitude

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Your colleagues wouldn’t know if you are going to get fired or not but they can tell or be a helping hand in the process. In many companies today, they are seeking professionals who are team players and if your team believes you are not pulling your weight, they can add heat to the fire with this information. Not only that, if you realize your colleagues are no longer coming to you for assistance with work, it may symbolize that they no longer trust your advice or want you to be apart of their team.

3. Redistribution of Workload

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Yes, I agree, it does feel really good to have less work to do during the days. I mean, more water cooler gossip right? Wrong! Not to get you frightened, but this can mean that the company is planning for your upcoming departure. It sounds harsh, but this is the cruel reality of the corporate world.

4. Negative Appraisal (or two)

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If your boss is trying to get you through the door and you are a squeaky clean employee, they will try and create a paper trail with evidence supporting their theory. You might have heard a scenario, where an employee receives a negative performance review consistently, why? They are trying to support your claim. When they leave comments regarding your attitude to the job or with the team because it signifies that your issues are deeply rooted; you should take this opportunity to update your resume and start applying for jobs that you think you would be an excellent fit for.

5. Little or no communication

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Perhaps you’ve realized that your boss is sending out information when you are not around or they sent out an email and not put you on copy. Though it may seem like a genuine accident, there is no logical reason for constantly ‘forgetting’ to put one of your team members on communications regarding work functions. You may even experience situations where your boss is blatantly ignoring you or rushing any conversations between you and him/her.

6. “Jokes”

Sometimes these ‘jokes’ are the truth masked by a fake grin. Do not be misled. Even though there might be laws put in place to protect employees from these types of hostile situations, do not ever think it won’t happen especially when your boss is trying to get rid of you.

Though there are various warning signs that this might be the end of the road for you, sometimes these situations can be just a play of our minds. Regardless, it should be a gentle nudge for you to keep your eyes on the ball at all times.

Do you or anyone you know been fired recently? What were the warning signs? Let’s chat, comment below.

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