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I’m not the best graphic designer in the world, and I sure as hell cannot picture a world without them. The passion they place into their craft is nothing short of amazing and a skill society places little value on.

As business operators are stepping away from the old fashioned standards of what business should be; we are seeing an increase in demand for graphic designers and their talent in every niche. From television ads to a simple and spicy Instagram post, we (as business owners) must include graphic designs in our daily business routines.

What if you are unable to afford a graphic designer or find one who brings your vision to life? Do you think you can bring your designs to life with just your imagination, smartphone, and a good internet connection?

Yes, you can!

Here are 20 sites that you can use to create your designs:

  1. Canva
Image result for canva

2. Piktochart

Image result for piktochart

3. Adobe InDesign

Image result for adobe indesign

4. Animaker

Image result for animaker

5. BeFunky

Image result for be funky

6. Pixlr

Image result for pixlr

7. Placeit

Image result for placeit

8. Gravit

Image result for gravitlogo

9. Fotojet

Image result for fotojet logo

10. Easelly

Image result for easelly

11. Youzign

Image result for youzign

12. RelayThat

Image result for relaythat

13. PixTeller

Image result for pixteller

14. Polarr

Image result for polarr

15. Infogram

Image result for infogram

16. Venngage

Image result for venngage logo


Image result for visme logo

18. Crello

19. Easil

Image result for easil logo

20. Gimp

Image result for gimp logo

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