Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

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Have you ever tried setting up your blog or even googled ways to make money from your blog and came across the term, affiliate marketing? Do you have any idea what it is, how to join, how much money you can make and so forth?


I’m glad you gave thought to this topic because I have some great points I’d love to share with you.

Let’s dive in

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a process in which an affiliate promotes and earns a commission for products promoted and bought.

How do Affiliates get paid?

Tired of getting up at 5:00 am, get ready to go to work, try and beat the morning rush hour to clock in early, then only to hear your boss scream at you because you are 1 minute late? Well, maybe it is time to switch up your morning routine a little bit? How about getting up at 8:00 am, cook and enjoy a nice healthy breakfast while watching your favorite day time show or enjoying an intriguing podcast?

In order to do so, we first need to know how affiliates get paid, don’t we? Firstly, let me share with you that an affiliate does not always get paid if a customer purchases the product. Depending on the program itself, the affiliate may get paid per sale, lead or click.

Pay Per Sale

Pay per sale or PPS is an advertising payment model in which affiliates are paid only if a sale has been made. This is the standard affiliate marketing structure in which the affiliate is normally paid a percentage for each customer purchase.

Pay Per Lead

Pay per lead or PPL is another form of affiliate marketing more complex than PPS. This pays the affiliate based on leads generated to the merchant’s website. It requires a call of action whether it is signing up for a newsletter, filling out a form for a trial period, even downloading a file.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click or PPC is the form of affiliate marketing in which the merchant pays the affiliate solely based on clicks. One example of such is if the affiliate places a link in his/her blog that leads directly to the merchant’s webpage.

Why become an affiliate marketer? Let us discuss this in the following article.

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