Another day, be grateful

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Let me start by saying not only is it Thursday here in Jamaica; it is a public holiday we call Emancipation Day.

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According to Wikipedia Emancipation Day is observed in many former European colonies in the Caribbean and areas of the United States on various dates to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people of African descent. It is also observed in other areas concerning the abolition of serfdom or other forms of involuntary servitude.

Now that you have reasonable knowledge of what is happening in Jamaica, let us get into the meat of the matter.

Dive in.

I have been fascinated by the ‘vicious’ creatures of the land since recently and over the past couple of weeks, did some research on them.  Can I share some of the lessons with you? I have been OBSESSED with snakes, yes, I said it SNAKES and have learned so much about them apart from they being the ‘creepy crawly’ lizard-like things that we see on TV.

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We know snakes of being long reptiles with no legs or paws, yet they are swift and some of them are designed with venom that is known for killing elephants and humans.  Snakes have a very small head but they can kill and swallow in whole, a mouse, a pig even a fully grown human.

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Say what??


Some snakes can breathe through their skins which allow them a long time underwater.  Of the 3000 species of snakes, 250 are venomous but thankfully, only a small portion of them are deadly to humans, and they are found on every continent on this planet except, of course, Antarctica.

Contrary to popular belief, snakes are NOT slimy, their scales are dry; the corn snakes use their scales to climb trees; they can angle their scales so that it digs into the bark.  

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There is also a ‘tree snake’ known as Paradise Tree snake scientific name: Chrysopelea Paradisi that is otherwise known as ‘flying snake’ which swings its body through the air and then flattens into a C-shape to catch the airflow.  If it swings its body back and forth, it can navigate the direction in which it falls, just like a bird flapping its wings to fly.

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I know you are wondering why is it I’m letting all this information on you.

It amazes me how a single creature is so different yet so unique and so PERFECTLY designed; must have come from a very talented person, Creator. I have to wonder, how we as humans stay on top of the food chain when there are magnificent animals out there capable of doing so much.  It makes me think that our Creator must love us and place such a unique interest in us to allow us to surpass His other creations.

It’s so interesting to think about and something we can ponder on throughout the day. I know it’s not Saturday as yet and we hate it, but I thought, sure we can hate today but can we be grateful?  Can we be grateful that we could to wake up this morning and breathe this breath of fresh air in, tired or not? Can we be grateful that we are humans, the set of species that our Creator has placed such a unique interest in? The set of species that is capable of forgiveness from the Most High, the one who made the heavens and the earth?

It’s another day we got as a gift from our loving Father, let’s not waste it.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on making it to another day! A lot of persons didn’t get the same privilege as you.  Let’s make it a day worthwhile and don’t forget, let’s be grateful!


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