Failure is apart of success


Oh, lort! Isn’t it Saturday yet?  Wait… What am I saying? I need to quit thinking like this and think of it this way, it’s a new day to try something new. Sounds better, right?

There I was scrolling through Instagram, minding my own business and bucked up on a post that said:

When a child is learning to walk and falls 50 times, they never think to themselves, “Maybe this isn’t for me.”

I thought about it for the longest while and decided the best thing for me to do is write about it.

I have been learning about myself over the past two years and I was finally able to announce to my mother what I want to be at the age of 21. Can you believe that?

On a side note, I was unable to answer that question all my life.

I have been dabbling in things that made me money with little to no effort and I was so shocked to see that I have been earning not even in Jamaican currency but USD!

The thing that I took to heart though is that we will never perfect our passion overnight nor will we fully understand anything we truly desire without failure. Just like a child that falls several times, maybe even buss his head on his way to the ground, do you know what that child always does?

You are right! That child always gets up!

The same is true about business, we think that just because we received a bad review, or because we didn’t make a profit one month automatically means we have failed. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!

Failure is a part of success. Say it with me, FAILURE IS A PART OF SUCCESS.

In the 21st century with so much information along with competition and all the works of business available at your fingertips, failure is crucial to building your brand for many reasons, let’s consider four:

  1. Failure determines who you are: There are two types of people in this world, those who give up once they fail and those who learn from the mistakes and try again. Yes, I will agree that we are humans so we do feel terrible when we fail especially when we know we have invested a lot of time and money into our passions. If you end up in a situation such as the one being described or you know a friend who does, ask them this: “Which successful person do you know have never failed?”
  1. Failure humbles you: None of us wants to fail, but we do want to keep our vision going. Failure humbles you in the sense that because we want our business to be the next Apple, Amazon or Fashion Nova; we humbly learn, accept and change strategies so that we can keep going.  To be successful and to have that attitude, we have to humble ourselves, accept the wrongs and move forward.

3) Failure pushes you outside of your comfort zone: Once you push yourself out of your comfort zone, there will be no room for Atychiphobia (fear of failure) You will be too busy exploring new avenues which will, in turn, maximize your determination, motivation and, endurance.

4) Failure is a great teacher: I didn’t know I had a love for IT until I failed and dropped out of college and that is the beauty of failing; we discover our limits and dear I say passions when we fail. As bad as we think things and times maybe there is a lesson in every situation. We are going to fail so there is no reason for us to run away from it. Accept and appreciate the lesson being taught from the experience and apply it in your life.

Failure allows us to stop, evaluate, reconsider, develop and implement new strategies in our business so never let it bring you down. It is a part of the success and just like a child that falls a thousand times, they always get back up. What say you?


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