Friday, July 10

Day: July 31, 2019


Failure is apart of success

Oh, lort! Isn't it Saturday yet?  Wait… What am I saying? I need to quit thinking like this and think of it this way, it’s a new day to try something new. Sounds better, right? There I was scrolling through Instagram, minding my own business and bucked up on a post that said: “When a child is learning to walk and falls 50 times, they never think to themselves, “Maybe this isn’t for me.” I thought about it for the longest while and decided the best thing for me to do is write about it. I have been learning about myself over the past two years and I was finally able to announce to my mother what I want to be at the age of 21. Can you believe that? On a side note, I was unable to answer that question all my life. I have been dabbling in things that made me money...