Let Positivity Reign

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How are you doing this beautiful Wednesday morning? I am at work just like you and I figured, let me bless you with some positive words today.

Unfortunately my vacation ended last week which I am really bummed about but something interesting happened the day of my return to Jamaica.

It all started like this:

  1. I ordered a LYFT the day before my departure to bring me to the airport.
  2. The LYFT came later than the time I ordered and on top of that the driver didn’t know which airport I was going
  3. The Southwest line was ridiculously long and I was already late
  4. I was told that I missed my 6:45 am  flight at 6:06 am and  I had to return the next day
  5. Thirty (30) seconds later I was told I was in luck and was booked on the next flight back to Jamaica

During my three (3) hour wait period, I realized so many things,  the main one being ALWAYS FIND THE POSITIVE IN EVERY SITUATION!

When it comes on to just living it is easy to develop a negative attitude towards every bad thing life throws at you, isn’t it? It is really easy to start mumbling, complaining and grow a cold and miserable heart. It is harder to see the positive, but the funny thing is that it leads to a long and happy life; but as bad as it may seem, do you think we can develop this mentality?

Yes! We can!

Let me start you off with ten (10) ways we can start:

  • Start the day with positive quotes
  • Tek good things mek joke (Find the humor in bad situations)
  • If things don’t go your way, learn!
  • Speak highly to and for yourself
  • Focus on the present and how to move forward instead of wallowing in the mistakes of the past (Yes, even if you made a mistake 5 seconds ago, LEARN and move on!)
  • Surround yourself with positive folks
  • Find the good in EVERY situation no matter how small they are
  • Choose to be happy despite the feeling of the world crumbling around you
  • Remember that your actions determine the outcome of the event (Choose good, good will happen; choose bad, bad will happen)
  • You are what you eat – eat good, live good

So what do you say? Is this feasible? Hit “Reply” and let’s chat!

Have an awesome Wednesday!


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