You write your own recommendation

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In the business world, it is so easy for us to forget that at the end of the day, we write our own recommendation letters. 

I’ve learnt over the years that it doesn’t matter how many millions of things I have done right, making one mistake can cost me, my job, my career or even my reputation.

With that being said, I think it is noteworthy to remind you, my fellow entrepreneur, how important it is for us to conduct ourselves and our business with grace and respect. As an entrepreneur, we no longer represent ourselves as individuals but our brand, our empire.

Within the previous five years, small businesses has fail miserable because the owners are unable to contain their emotions which spills over into customer service(or lack thereof) and purchases.

I’m not saying that it is unimportant for us to invest emotionally with your clients or employees, but to what extent? If a client is thanking us for our service or product (with the massive involvement of social media today) it is vital that we make a big deal about it. However, in a scenario where a client is unhappy, disrespectful, and furious should we bring the dirty laundry to air? Should we start a fight with our customers because they disrespected us?

I’ll leave that for you to consider.

The truth is, we do need to have emotions in business; if you haven’t realized, emotions are in, products are out. 

Emotions are in, products are out

People are more interested in the story behind your product rather than just the product. 

For Example: Company A sells luxury hair because the CEO wants to have her own business while Company B sells luxury hair because she is 78 years old and is finally accomplishing her dream. Which one do you think the market would more likely be compelled to purchase from?

You see, there is absolutely nothing wrong with emotions, my point is to ensure it doesn’t get the best of you negatively and ruin your own reputation. Afterall my dear, you write your own recommendation.

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