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Working in an uncomfortable environment cannot be easy; it takes a lot of strength, not only physically, but mentally, to remain consistent despite the various challenges you know you will encounter throughout the day. Emotionally employees are drained just by the thought of going to work, so let’s not even mention how they feel when they are there. As employees we depend on the management team to provide a form of release and comfort while at work, not remembering that they too are employees; they face the same struggles as we do plus the added burden of our complaints.


Despite the fact that the Management team is responsible for caring for our emotional, physical and mental needs while at work, do we make it easy for the management team to be understanding? Do we make a difference or stand out while at work? Do we make for our own or do we follow the crowd? Do we make ridiculous and impractical demands?

Is it possible for us to stop and look at our actions, give ourselves an honest appraisal or even ask a trustworthy and confidential co-worker about our behavior while at work and work on as needed? Many times we think the Management team is inequitable when the truth is we nee to pull our socks up. We need to understand that we are not always right and be open to criticism, accept the judgment, and refuse from focusing on the tone and the person and pay attention to the words.

But, what if you are true to yourself, you don’t follow the crowd, you are not perfect but you do the best you can, what else is there to do? The albatross will be on the Management Team in that sense. They should give commendation not every six months to a year but as much as humanly possible; also when giving approbation the entire department doesn’t have to be aware, an email directly from the manager to the employee will suffice. Wouldn’t you, the employee, appreciate that?

Recognition makes people feel really good about themselves and the work that they do. It also motivates employees to keep up the good work. Positive reinforcement sets an example for everyone in the organization, showing them what kind of work they value the most. Knowing that your fellow co-worker is admired for their work ethic would motivate you to work harder, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it feel good to receive a small token of gratitude such as a sticky note saying, “Great Job!”, or “Thank You”?


A good entrepreneur believes that it is wise to invest in his employees. Although the customer is the vital piece of the puzzle, the employees are the heart and soul of the company. Making them feel comfortable and appreciated at work is necessary in order to get the best results. But, do managers expect to hire employees and hope that they will produce their best work? What can management team do to grow and maintain their investments?

Well firstly, managers should recognize that all employees are humans, not robots. Here are some ways in which they can accomplish this:

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  1. Create the environment –  The conditions of the work environment both physically and mentally should be comfortable and uplifting. Ensure that after each employee has left the office, desks and floors are wiped down as well as all garbage is properly disposed of.  Also, ensure that all employees are respectful of each other despite personal disputes.tenor
  2. Lead by example – Employees should know the difference between their peers and their boss, there should be no question about it.  The management team should be approachable, welcoming and unbiased but not friendly.  Employees should feel they receive a fair advantage when addressing the manager.giphy (2)
  3. Get involved – Manager’s should not be afraid to get involved socially with their employee.  Get to know employees individually outside of the work environment, learn and understand their personalities and see how best you can adjust your approach towards them.4q43
  4. Never abuse a situation, use it – Use your status to influence change within your organization.  Employees don’t complain unless something is bothering them, so don’t be quick to be harsh or critical without first analyzing and accurately researching the problem.  For example, if the employee says the air conditioning is too cold, don’t tell them to bring a sweater, adjust the temperature so the office will be cool and comfortable.giphy (3)
  5. Endorse Communication – Have regular meetings to address the concerns of your team.  Let these meetings be a priority, be a listening ear not a running mouth. By doing this, employees will receive confirmation that you are fighting for them not against them.

    In the work world, in order to remain comfortable it requires effort from both management and employees.  Employees must be practical and realistic in their demands while being the best employee they can be.  Managers too should recognize that employees are humans and should be treated accordingly.  They too should make time to learn about each investment to see how best they can approach them.


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