Your way of thinking


It doesn’t matter how strong you are both inside and out, nor should it matter that you’ve dealt with it. It doesn’t give anybody any reason to hurt you.

Sometimes, we damage ourselves by the way we think; our thoughts, the memories we keep re-playing in our heads with hopes that the outcome will change or ‘might’ change. We need to start to think about the future, I speak for myself but with high hopes that my thought can inspire or help someone out there, just one person. The past happened already my dear, mistakes were made and memories are here to stay.


12 comments on “Your way of thinking”

  1. Memories don’t always stick. I can filter out more garbage now that I’m more mature. And I forget even what I want to remember sometimes! You will, too, when you’re in those “senior years!” But I can still think young! Thanks for sharing your blog.

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