Welcome to my Journey



As of August 17, 2018, I am 1000% committed to changing my life; I am in total control of my future and I need to start working to see results rather than sitting down and expect results to come to me. What are some changes I want in my life? What are some of my dreams? The life I am living now is not what I want; I want to be running my own company from the job I am currently employed to.

I want to travel and write and of course, make a lifestyle from it. I want to inspire at least one person not only to follow their dreams but to help turn their dreams into a reality. I want a career in which I am always on the move, no time to think about my past or negativity. I want people around me that love and support me, not those who tear me down and wish nothing but the worst for me. I want to feel inspired by those I have met and vice versa. I want a name for my own, that of which my children will be proud of and that of which I can use to take care of my family.

I want someone who is willing to accept my flaws and love me for who I am; someone I can travel, learn, and share experiences with. I want a career that I love, one that I don’t watch the time with; one in which I don’t complain, don’t quarrel. Something I can look back on and smile; be proud.

But, where do I start? Who can I go to for help and guidance? Well, first, let me start by building a foundation within myself, prepare myself mentally for failure, missed opportunities, hatred, jealousy and feelings of self-doubt. Did you know your most dangerous competition is yourself? There are so many individuals that have talent, real talent; they doubt themselves so much until they decide not to share it with the world. Now, not everyone will be recognized by an organization but at least there will be one person out there cheering you on. At least, you can put something out there that belongs to you.

I too am a self-doubter, most things I write don’t make sense to me, yet I still post it because “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” What doesn’t make sense to me might make sense to someone else. I try to maintain that outlook and that is what keeps me going.

As I start this journey, I invite you all to observe and be involved as I grow. Each step I take towards bettering myself will be yours too, every insight as to how to grow will be shared with you. Every moment, every experience, will be ours to learn from and grow.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my journey.


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